Make your trip an adventure and get to know other campers, vanlifers and backpackers.

Du bist gern in Gesellschaft und möchtest dich mit anderen Campern in deiner Nähe connecten? Nichts leichter als das! Mit der Camp’n’Connect App ist das jetzt möglich!
Hol dir das neue soziale Netzwerk für Camper kostenlos auf dein Handy und finde Camper in deiner Umgebung für gemeinsame Unternehmungen, Austausch und gegenseitige Hilfe.

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We are Bea and Timo from Camp‘n‘Connect

Wir haben eine Vison. Wir möchten alle Camper miteinander vernetzen. Mit der Camp‘n‘Connect App ist das jetzt möglich.

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Find other campers in your area
and connect with them!

The Camp’n’Connect app offers you the easy way to find like-minded people in your area, to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, to help each other or simply to spend a great time together. Whether traveling or at home.

Profilansicht der Acmp'n'Connect App - Du bestimmst, was andere sehen

The profile - you decide what others see

The profile is the first impression that you get from other campers and that other Campers also get of you. The more information you provide, the more precise the picture you convey of you to other users and the greater the chance of finding like-minded people on your wavelength.

Die Umgebungssuche Camp'n'Connect – finde Camper in deiner Nähe

The vicinity search - find campers near you

The vicinity search is the heart of the app. Here you can choose the area in which you want to find like-minded people. You can use the various filters to narrow down the search results. For example, are you looking for someone to go hiking with you? Then check the box next to “Hiking” in the “Interests” filter.

Der Chat - organisiere spontane Abende am Lagerfeuer

The chat - organize spontaneous evenings around the campfire

The chat is the way to get into conversation with other campers. Write a message to campers you like to get in touch with. So you can exchange ideas, get to know each other and, if you like, also send your locations.

Das erwartet dich in unserer App

Wir haben dir alles übersichtlich noch einmal in einer kleinen Demo zusammengefasst:

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With just one click

Find cool people on your wavelength with one click, whether on the campsite, at the nearest lake or in the mountains.

There for each other -
help, when you need it

Campers help campers. Do you have a breakdown or could you use help with expanding your camper? Here you are sure to find someone close to you who will support you.

Everything at a glance

Are you unsure whether your camp neighbor would even like to have company? You are sure to find out with the Camp’n’Connect app.

Excursion destinations,
tips and trends from the area

Are you looking for tips for excursion destinations, beautiful spots or parking spaces in your area? Exchange ideas with other campers in your area via Camp‘n‘Connect.

Never be alone again

Don't feel like hiking or surfing alone?
With Camp'n’Connect you will find the right buddy.

Your safety
is important to us

And if you don't feel like having company, you can easily hide your profile. By the way, your location is never visible to other users!



Hey, I'm Bea and I’m the one who came up with the basic idea for the Camp’n’Connect app. I love being on the road in Europe with my VW Bus “Kuddel” and my friend Timo, discovering new places, exploring different countries and experiencing nature. 

I got the idea for the Camp'n’Connect app when I was alone in Norway on my first trip in a VW bus. Although there were many other campers there, it was difficult for me to make contacts. On the one hand, there was often simply no chance to talk to other campers, to exchange ideas and to get to know each other, because you drive past each other on your route but stop at different places. 

On the other hand, at campsites I was unsure which of my camp neighbors were on my wavelength and who was interested in contact with other campers. I thought it would be the same for others, so I looked for a “camper get to know app”, but couldn't find a suitable one. So I spent most of the evenings alone, even though I would have liked to have company.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. Timo, who has also loved independent travel and camping since childhood, quickly became infected with the enthusiasm. Together we then developed the concept for the app and are now on the most exciting journey of our lives to date, in the middle of the unknown land of self-employment.

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